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Running compression socks



Running compression socks


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Suffer from the varicose veins? Then these THREO Compression Socks are just for you!

These running socks can be perfectly used for sport – football, cycling… And also they can be a great choice if you suffer from varicose veins. Anyway whether it’s for exercise, work, or sports, these compression socks can provide the comfort and support you need for your daily activities.

Why? The graduated compression technology helps with blood & oxygen circulation in your legs and muscles to avoid swelling, aching, blood clots, or fluid build-up. These compression socks are engineered with the latest arch to calf compression technology, offering a targeted foot to calf muscle support, help to boost athletic performance and alleviate pain due to a number of conditions.

They are made from a durable, breathable, elastic fabric. Also these compression socks have a comfortable grip that doesn’t leave stretch marks or blisters on your skin.

✔️ REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY – Provide extra compression support to stabilize your arch, ankle and muscles. Minimize muscle oscillation and micro-tearing. Prevent cramping and injury. 

✔️ IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE – For endurance athletes, the key mechanism is the “calf muscle pump” – with each step or pedal-stroke, the clenching and unclenching of the calf muscle squeezes blood back toward the heart. Our compression socks provide an extra squeeze that enhances this pumping action, speeding the flow of much-needed oxygen to working muscles.

✔️ HELP YOU RECOVER FASTER – Stimulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to your muscles. Reduce lactic acid production, muscle soreness and the feelings of heaviness in the feet and legs. Quicker recovery from “delayed onset muscle soreness”.

✔️ HELP PREVENT OR RELIEVE SWELLING – Help control swelling through enhanced circulation, and hasten the removal of cellular waste products. Reduce swelling and fatigue from prolonged sitting or standing. Ideal for pregnant women.


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