Team THREO ladies at Macmillan Cycletta - Part Two

June 19, 2016

We’re very excited to be appearing at each of the Macmillan Cyclettas in October. The Cyclettas are a fantastic initiative which aims to get more women cycling and which raises a huge amount of money for Macmillan Cancer Research. Earlier we introduced you to our THREO trio, and today it's time to introduce our 40km participant. 

Suze McQuie

In 2012 Suze was diagnosed with cervical cancer which, following treatment, left her with total but (fortunately) temporary paralysis of my left leg. It took many sessions of physiotherapy to regain (almost) full use of the leg though she now has permanent pins and needles sensation from knee to my hip. Whilst in recovery, Suze vowed not to take her health for granted and to maintain an active lifestyle. So, she started running.

Slowly at first and only short distances, but she recently (and incredibly impressively) finished her fifty second half marathon in as many weeks with a 13.1 in the outer reaches of Svalbard, near the North Pole! After completing this epic feat, her plan is to keep running and cycling as a lifestyle choice to maintain fitness and to travel to great places.

 Suze already has some cycling experience and has found that cycling has helped to keep her lymphatic system functioning since her treatment four years ago. She likes a bit of speed, and takes to the Cheshire roads on a Cannonade Evo 6 for fast blasts, her aim is to soak up the atmosphere, have fun and complete the ride with a decent time. 

We are really proud to have Suze as a part of Team THREO, her story is a real testament to the power of sport in recovering from a personal challenge. We are sure that completing the Macmillan Cycletta will just be one of the many adventures she takes on this year!

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