Team THREO ladies at Macmillan Cycletta - Part Three

June 19, 2016

THREO has teamed up with some of the Macmillan Cycletta participants to follow their training and journey to the start line in October and we will be featuring some of their videos shortly.
Our final team member is Lee Dale, a triathlete from Essex who comes to the 80k event with a bit more experience who has cycled for many years during her twenties and thirties on an off-road bike, nothing serious but she tells us it was pretty hard work although this may have been because she tended to use it ''on road'!

Here is a bit of background from Lee, which may inspire those of you who have been thinking about getting back into cycling. 

Lee Dale 

THREO womens cycling triathlon

I completed the London Bikeathon for Leukamaeia & Lymphoma Research in 2011 which involved cycling more than fifty miles from the Thames Barrier to Richmond and back, I did this on my off road suspension bike! I did OK...until I met the hill in Richmond park for the first time and wondered why all the other cyclists were flying past me!

During 2013 I decided to bite the bullet and buy a road bike. I'd watched some friends do a triathlon at Hever Castle & decided I wanted to give it a try, but I definitely needed a road bike! So I purchased my first road bike in 2013 and swiftly got myself over to the local park to give it a try out before I ventured onto the roads as there was something that scared me about the narrowness of the tyres & the low handlebars. Surprisingly enough though, after dodging & swerving small children and over enthusiastic dogs, it was just like riding a bike! I loved it and oh my, it was so much easier & faster than my old faithful mountain bike. There was no stopping me and I started entering all sorts of cycling events!

I quickly fell in love with cycling and triathlon, and have never looked back since! I love being out exploring on two wheels and now have plenty of Havering Tri club mates I can share this with. I try to plan my weekend cycling training around visits to various eateries…well those that usually sell doughnuts! 

Having now entered the cycling world and had so many great experiences, I'd love to inspire and encourage more girls and women to become involved in the sport, whether  competitively or just for fun, it doesn't matter.

It's a great way to stay active, meet new people and explore beautiful places. It doesn't need to be expensive, it's not scary and there's plenty of clubs across the UK that are full of people that want to support & encourage others to get involved. 

The Macmillan Cycletta falls at the end of a busy triathlon season for me so I'll be looking to end things on a high with some other like-minded ladies in Lycra. I'll also get to see another part of England on 2 wheels ....I just hope Cheshire is as flat as Essex!

THREO macmillan cycletta triathlon womens cycling

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