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Stepping up to your next triathlon challenge

May 17, 2016

Maybe you have done a few sprint or olympic triathlons and want to try a bigger endurance test, maybe you just fancy hitting the longer distances straight away, or perhaps like me, you’re an idiot, your friend entered you into it and now you can’t back out. Whatever your reasons, here are some triathlon tips and training tips to help you move things up a gear. What are the distance options? A 2km swim, a 90km bike and a 21km run is  somewhat misleadingly called ‘middle distance’, whilst a 4km swim, a 180k bike and a 42km run is ‘long distance' which...

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Doing your first triathlon?

April 20, 2016

Firstly - congratulations, whether you have entered a race or are just thinking about it and have come here to decide, you’re off to a good start! The hardest part is deciding to enter and then preparing, the race day is the fun bit.  The triathlon community is a friendly one, and any novices will be welcomed with open arms. Read our top THREO tips and when you look back in a year wondering what all the fuss was about you can impart all this advice on someone you have talked/coerced into doing a race, because by then you will...

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