Team THREO ladies for Macmillan Cycletta

June 19, 2016

We are proud to say that, at the  Macmillan Cycletta events presented by Sportsister, we will have a number of ladies representing Team THREO. 

Over the next few months, we will be following each of these women as they progress with their training and chart any of the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs of the journey as they prepare for each event in October.

We wanted to introduce you to the first of our ladies who, like all good things, come in a set of three. Ann, Louise and Julie are our northern contingent and are taking part in the 80km route in Cheshire.

They all currently cycle together and support each other on their many adventures and for us they really highlight the benefits that cycling and triathlon can bring.  Here they tell us about their experience, their favourite places to cycle and their sporting inspiration. 

Ann Butler

I bought a bike last May, for the first time in 25 years. I’ve been doing triathlons for the last 12 months and cycling socially with friends.

My aim for Macmillan Cycletta is to complete a fun, long distance event in a lovely area, with friends. I haven’t ridden longer than 40 miles to date, so there’s some serious training needed! We are a group of middle-aged, slightly bonkers women, who just want to try lots and lots of new experiences. I love all the cycling gear too and now have a whole wardrobe just for my cycling/running gear! 

My favourite place to ride is anywhere that leads to a café stop. I also love exploring on our bikes, so we decide at each junction which way to go. For me the cycling is all about being sociable, seeing new undiscovered places and any excuse to stop for a natter.

I don’t have a ‘hero’, but my sporting inspiration has got to be Julie. She tries lots of new things with endless enthusiasm, she lets us all join in, encourages us and lets us share the experiences, but especially the way she has bounced back from a terrible cycling injury. It didn’t stop her cycling completely, and whilst she may have suffered confidence issues, it’s not stopped her facing those issues head on.


Louise Geoghegan

This is my first Macmillan Cycletta. I was always on my bike as a child, but I only started cycling again after more than thirty years at the end of last summer. 

My aim of this event is just to finish. It was suggested that I should do one of the shorter distances and perhaps 80km would be a 'bit too much'. That was the encouragement I needed to sign up for 80km. So now I need to do it!

My sporting inspiration has to be Jo Pavey as she just seems really normal. She's obviously worked really hard to get where she has. Winning the 10,000m gold medal at the 2014 European championships in Zürich, ten months after having her second child and becoming the oldest female European champion in history at the age of 40 is a great inspiration for other middle aged working mums.


Julie Newton

I've been cycling for roughly two years. I became interested when my partner completed the UK Ironman and I decided I might like to try a small triathlon. I then entered a sprint which I thoroughly enjoyed and decided I wanted to do another but faster and better than the last. I then used my bike more to try and improve my confidence and road skills and also as I enjoyed the freedom of being on and off road. I had just got a taste for this when I was involved in a road accident whilst cycling to work. This resulted in not being able to cycle for nearly a year due to injury and lack of confidence. I entered a night time charity ride in order that I got back on the bike for the charity, could cycle on almost empty roads and be surrounded by friendly cyclists.

I'm cycling again now due to having great friends to go out with on group rides.

My friend Ann bought the entry for Cycletta for my 50th birthday present . I'm thrilled that I can share this experience with friends and I know that she is also trying to help me get the enjoyment and confidence back at the same time.

My favourite place to cycle is in the country side where the views are stunning and it's not only the cycling that takes my breath away .

My female sporting hero has to be Paula Radcliffe.  I have met her once at a marathon expo and she was so relaxed and very modest. The fact that she has achieved so much whilst being a mum at the same time has to inspire other mums.


THREO womens cycling cycletta

We will be catching up with the THREO trio and their first video diary shortly.

In the meantime, if you're feeling inspired then click here for more information on the Macmillan Cycletta sportives. If you need a bit more convincing and would like some tips, articles and advice on womens' cycling and triathlon be sure to visit Sportsister

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