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August 29, 2016

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If like us you have been glued to the TV in recent weeks, inspired by the many successes of our incredible female athletes out in Rio, you might be suffering from the post Olympic blues too, and wondering how you can harness that energy instead by getting outside and doing some more sport.

There were so many fantastic performances out in Brazil, from Laura Trott claiming her iconic fourth gold medal in the omnium (you know...the ridiculously complicated points race!) elevating her to TeamGB's most successful female competitor, to Jess Ennis fighting for a silver after an eventful few years, to trampolining getting onto prime time TV with Bryony Page springing herself into second. 

For us, one of the most exciting events (obviously) was the womens' triathlon, as we have three of the best female triathletes in the world competing as part of TeamGB.

As it was, the speed of Gwen Jorgensen was too much for the other competitors to cope with (despite a tremendous effort by Nicola Spirig), but it did give rise to one of the moments of the games. Watching Vicky Holland and Non Stanford battle it out for the bronze medal was tough to watch, we wanted both to be rewarded for their four years of hard work and training - however, what it gave rise to afterwards was a great example of sportsmanship and helps illustrate why the Olympics are so inspiring to watch.

As Vicky afterwards attributed part of her success to Non stating just because they were roommates was no reason not to sprint for the medal, and with Non celebrating Vicky's success with her - this was a fantastic example set for women in sport everywhere.

Yes, you can support each other, yes you can train together day in, day out and be great friends - but there is nothing wrong with beating your friend on the day, nor is there with really really wanting to beat them. This is something boys have known (and have been taught) for years, and is an attitude that helped inspire both of the athletes involved to be as great as they could be. Its something girls should be taught more of from an early age, and celebrated everything that was great about women's triathlon. 

For more of a roundup from the race, check out the brilliant Witsup for a full race report

To help cope with the post Olympics come down, we are compensating by getting out on the bike, training hard and making our friends race us to the finish like we are Vicky and Non.

If you are feeling inspired, and want to get out there and give triathlon a go then check out the following links for places where you can find some more information on how to get started:

If you've been doing triathlon for a while, and perhaps feel inspired to raise yourself to the next challenge then maybe its time to move up a distance. Check out the links below for a bit of inspiration:

And of course, bookmark the brilliant 220 Triathlon - a great resource for all things triathlon training and racing, from beginner to age-grouper, super sprint to long course.

And...if none of that works to cheer you up - the Paralympics starts on 7 September, yay! 

Photo credit: Angus Thomas

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